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DSH ENTERTAINMENT, INC. is the fundraising division of The A.D.H. Foundation, Inc.  We have been given the mission to raise money through the promotion of poetry events and concerts. DSH ENTERTAINMENT, INC. is the premier Live Classic Soul Music Concert promoter, our target markets consists of the following:  all of the United States, the Caribbean, and Latin America.

The first part of The A.D.H. Foundation, Inc. mission is to provide a yearly aviation education camp scholarships for students to introduce them to careers in the aviation industry.  We will also provide scholarships to students to the U.S. Space & Rocket Center’s Space Camp 7-Day program in the summer months every year.  We will also sponsor trips to college campuses to introduce students to the college environment.  The second part of our mission is to go into correctional facilities and mentor inmates to help them to prepare to become productive citizens when they are released back into their communities.  We will also help ex offenders by providing educational and job training opportunities.

Our mission is to try and reach children while they are young and help them set goals and provide examples on how to reach those goals before the become at risk and turn to crime.  So we want to present them with alternatives to criminal and gang activities.

Additional Options

 Custom Mission Patch                     $12.00

The team patch is customized with the team members’ names and is unique way to remember the experience. Patches are delivered on graduation day.


            Photo DVD                            $30.00

Want to see all of the activities your trainee participated in while at Camp? Each crew trainers will take pictures throughout the week, and DVDs will be ready at graduation.

Early Arrival                         $79.00

Please choose this option if your child will need to arrive at Camp one day early.

            Late Departure                                $79.00

Please choose this option if your child will need to stay an extra night at Camp.

            Flight Suit                             $90.00

Order the official flight suit for your Space Camp or Aviation Challenge Camp adventure! These flight suits are representative of what real astronauts and jet fighter pilots wear and both come with official patches and your personalized leather name badge.

            Clothing Package                             $90.00

We’ve combined our most popular clothing into one complete package! Tops are customized with the logo from your Camp program. Space Camp set includes t-shirt, shorts, hooded sweatshirt, sweatpants and a backpack. Aviation Challenge Camp set includes t-shirt, hooded sweatshirt, camouflage pants and a knapsack.